Listing Services


Listing Procedure for i800 or e800 numbers:

The following form and procedure is for submitting toll free numbers to be listed in the i800 or e800 directories.

  1. Registration Form, All Fields are Required

       After fill out the simple form below, please emaill to us with the form attached  to us. 

    First Name: _____________________  Web Site URL: 
    Last Name: _____________________   1. http:// __________________
     Company Name:______________   2. http:// __________________
     Address: ___________________   3. http:// __________________
     City: ______________________  Phone No. To be listed:
     State: ______________________   1.  ( ____ ) - _____- ______
     Zip: ________________________   2.  ( ____ ) - _____- ______
     Phone: _____________________   3.  ( ____ ) - _____- ______
     Fax: _______________________   Category Name to be listed in: 
     Email: ______________________      Main Category: _____________ 
      ( Email must be correct to receive confirmation to activate calling software)      Sub Category:  _____________ 


  2. Verify the listing in the i800 or e800 directories 3 days after the submission
  3. Try to call the number to verify that it is working properly (refer download to get calling software)
  4. Any User of IPO2U Calling Software (Anyone Who Requested the Free Dowload) Can Recommend Listing of Toll Free Numbers in the I800 Directory (Use Download Registration Form Or Send An E-Mail)

You may send an email  to to request the calling software and to recommend the listing of certain i800 or e800 numbers. The email must contain accurate information about personal and company name, address, valid email address for communication, contact phone number and the numbers you desire to be listed in any existing i800 or e800 directories For interest in establishing your own e800 Directory and construct the e800 iph files, please send E-mail to to describe your case.