E-Directory Products Offered by IPO2U.COM, Inc.

I800 Directory

I800 Directory is a business productivity tool based on the IPO2U Internet On-line Click and Call Telephony Technology. I800 Directory is offered as a free product for the global e-commerce community by IPO2U.COM, Inc. I800 Directory offers convenience and no cost to callers to reach any listed business from anywhere in the world. I800 Directory provides a free listing service to businesses and merchants to promote global e-commerce. Callers can simply click the download button in the menu bar to download a calling software then be able to click any listed business in the i800 Directory and call. Businesses with toll free numbers can simply click the listing button in the menu bar above to enlist their company name and phone number to be included in the i800 Directory. i800 Directory also makes a hyperlink to the business web site if it has one.

E800 Directory

E800 Directory is a commercial product and service offered to all businesses in the world to enhance their customer reach and to improve their e-commerce productivity. Based on the IPO2U Internet on-line click and call telephony technology, the e800 product is so named because it can convert any business phone number into an equivalent toll-free number accessible world-wide over the Internet. E800 Directory offers a listing service to all businesses to list their ordinary business phone numbers in the directory so they may be called by their global customers as if they were globally toll-free numbers. IPO2U.COM develops customized e800 directory for any enterprise or business communities. E800 Directories can be organized per industry focus or per geographical location focus. Click e800 will give you more information about our e-directory services and present you some specific examples of e800 directories. Again, callers can simply click the download button above to download the calling software and be able to use the e800 directories. These e800 directories are maintained by IPO2U.COM for its clients.

Business Partnership for E800 Directory Service also offers business partnership to develop industry specific or geographic dependent e800 directories. IPO2U.COM jointly with its global and industry partners develop specific e800 directories to serve specific business and consumer communities. For example, any municipality can form a partnership with IPO2U.COM to develop an e800 directory to promote the municipal commerce extending it to global reach through the inexpensive and yet extremely effective e800 directory service. Likewise, any industry association (for example, computer manufacturers association) or business organization (for example, NextGen Car Dealer Association) can form a partnership with IPO2U.COM to develop an e800 directory to serve their membership, business associates and customers. These e800 directories shall be maintained by the business partner or by IPO2U.COM and will generate recurrent service income through listing and maintenance. IPO2U.COM shall provide the partner with all necessary hardware and software system to support and maintain the e800 directory services. The partner is required to market the e800 service and share the revenue with IPO2U.COM. Interested party please write to with sufficient information about the business organization to initiate a person-to-person discussion about forming the business partnership.

E800 and I800 Icon

Any business listed their phone numbers in the IPO2U e800 or i800 directories may request to have the IPO2U Calling Software Icon to be placed on its business web site next to its phone number or product or service. Businesses are required to pay a small nominal service charge to acquire the license right to use these icons. Clicking these icons will enable an on-line Internet telephony call if the caller has previously downloaded the calling software or prompted to download a free calling software from IPO2U.COM's download server.

Other IPO2U.COM Products and Services

Mi-Card is another innovative product developed by IPO2U.COM as a productivity tool for businesses. Mi-Card integrates web technologies and e800 solution into the most effective and interactive medium for marketing, sales and customer relation. Click Mi-Card for more detailed product description and its business applications.

IPO2U.COM also offers Internet telephony gateway solution for both small businesses and large enterprises. Both hardware gateway and software gateway products are available. these gateways are based on industry standards hence they support not only the IPO2U calling software ware but also many other industry standard compliant calling software. Click IPO2U for more detailed product description and order information. 

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